Ароматы Тосканы: искусство хорошо есть

Тосканская кухня всегда источник вдохновения для нашего бизнеса, производителя мебели "кухни". Не удивительно, что фирменный payoff "ВЫСОКАЯ КУХНЯ ТОСКАНЫ" является данью кулинарному искусству нашего региона, который любят и ценят во всем мире. Прилагательное "ВЫСОКАЯ", в частности, хочет быть намеком на КАЧЕСТВО, которое тосканская кухня дарит всем, которое знают во всем мире, которое наша компания выражает своей продукцией.

The Tuscan cuisine reflects the region it belongs: genuine like its people and its nature. Genuine like, first of all, the basic ingredients of most of Tuscan cooking recipes. Ingredients that are related more to the culture and feelings of people than to the materiality of fo: bread, wine and oil, sons of corn, grape and olive tree. Symbols of prosperity, happiness and peace that belong to Tuscany like the stony ground where they grow.

Meat and fish are also part of the culinary culture of our region. Think of the lampredotto, the trippa, the scottiglia or the cacciucco: all dishes made from the poorer parts of the beast or (originally) with the remains of the noble fish that was once intended for rich people.
The Tuscans are the masters of "Art of Eating Well": their skill lies in knowing which ingredients to use, even when they are "poor", making them assume a nobility that comes from the art of cooking them. That's why we are talking about HIGH TUSCAN CUISINE: high not because sophisticated or elaborate, but on the contrary, because true, genuine, simple and noble at the same time.